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Please note, as of July 1st, our new
bill payment address will be:
P.O. 70725箱
Philadelphia, PA 19176-0725

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按此 pay your bill online.
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New Payment Policy for Our 纽约医院 病人:

Effective March 1, 2021, all of our patients whose insurance requires a co-pay, will be asked to make their payment at the time of service. 另外, 所有CT, MRI and surgery patients without secondary insurance, as well as our self-pay patients, will be asked to pay a deposit upon arrival that will be credited toward their final balance. 在这些情况下, there may also be an additional out-of-pocket amount due following the services, which will be billed separately at a later date.

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible health care, and financial concerns will never interfere with that mission. 纽约医院’s Patient Financial Assistance Office is happy to guide you toward a payment plan that will fit your individual needs. Please contact, us at 207-351-2389 or [email protected] for further information and assistance.

See below for frequently asked questions!

When will I receive my hospital bill?
If you have insurance, the bill is sent to them for payment first. After they pay their portion of the bill (which can take 60-90 days – sometimes 120), you will then receive a bill for the portion you owe. If you do not have insurance, you will receive your bill generally 10-15 days after service is rendered.
When is payment due?
Payment is due within 30 days.
How do I receive an itemization of my bill?
We are happy to provide you with an itemization of your bill. Feel free to call us at 207-361-3669 或者是免费的, 877-727-9691.
Does the hospital accept credit card payments?
是的, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. If you would like to pay by credit card please call 877-727-9691.
What if I can't pay in full by the due date? Are payment plans available?
是的, we are happy to talk to you about payment plans. Feel free to call us at 207-361-3669 或者是免费的, 877-727-9691.
If I am on a payment plan, what do I do if I receive another bill for another date of service?
If you are on a payment plan and you receive another bill for another date of service you will need to contact us at 207-361-3669 或者是免费的, 877-727-9691, to add that bill to your payment plan.
What address do I send payment to?

Make checks payable to 纽约医院 and send to:


纽约医院 计费 Office P.O. Box 70725, Philadelphia, PA 19716-0725

Does 纽约医院 accept online payments?
是的, we accept online payments through your bank, and we also have a secure online payment option available. Visit this link:
I have received a copy of my bill but do not understand the charges.
We are happy to assist you. 请打电话给 207-361-3669 或者是免费的, 877-727-9691, Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm.
I need help paying my bill. 我该怎么办呢??
Call our Financial Assistance office at 207-351-2398 (for last names beginning with A-K), or 207-351-2389 (for last names)
How do I obtain an application for your Financial Assistance Programs?

Staff are available to talk to you about financial assistance programs at 纽约医院. 请打电话给 our Financial Assistance office at 207-351-2398 (for last names beginning with A-K), or 207-351-2389 (for last names beginning with L-Z), Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm.

You can download the application here

Simply print out the application, fill it out and send it back to us (via the contact information on the cover) and we will call you if we have any questions and to let you know if you qualify.

What are the changes to the Financial Assistance at 纽约医院 that began in July 2014?
If you currently receive financial assistance from the 纽约医院 Financial Assistance Program, your application will expire as of June 30, 2015.  If or when you incur a new balance owed to 纽约医院 after July 1, 2015 you will be required to submit a new application to qualify for the 纽约医院 Financial Assistance Program at that time. You will be required to update your household income every 6 months.  These changes allow us to ensure that we are able to provide medical services to those in our community in need and review applications in a timely fashion.
Why am I receiving two bills for visiting my physician's office?
纽约医院’s physician offices have transitioned to become departments or provider based clinics of the hospital. Under Medicare, if a physician office meets specific regulations the hospital can classify the physician practice as a provider based clinic. Because of this, you will receive two Medicare Summary notices, one from Medicare Part A and one from Medicare Part B. On your statement, you will see both a provider charge and a clinic charge. The clinic charge, or Medicare Part A services, will cover expenses such as nursing and support staff, as well as any medical or technical supplies or equipment and the use of the room. 服务, treatments or procedures provided by your doctor or practitioner will be classified as provider charges under Medicare Part B.
What's the best way for me to pay my hospital bills?
When making medical payment decisions, make sure you know:


  •     the total costs
  •     what your insurance will cover
  •     what you will have to pay out-of-pocket
  •     what method of payment the hospital accepts
  •     if you or your hospital physician’s office staff will be completing insurance forms
What is a deductible? A-co-payment?
A deductible is the initial amount of “covered” health costs that you pay before your insurance plan begins reimbursement. A deductible is usually a set dollar amount such as $250 or $500.  A co-payment is the portion of your health care expenses not covered by insurance. A co-payment is usually a percentage figure, like 10% or 20%.


  • For example, on a $500 bill, your deductible might be $150, so you would have to pay the first $150. This leaves a balance of $350. Of that $350, your co-payment might be 20%, meaning that you will have to pay an additional $70. Your insurance company will pay the remaining $280.
  • Once you have this information, there is a number of ways for paying your bill:
  • If your insurance pays all but a deductible or co-payment, you will be required to pay an estimate of your portion of the bill at the time of service.
  • In certain circumstances, you will be able to make monthly payments to the hospital until your bill is paid in full. You should discuss this with our Patient Accounts Department.
  • Make sure that you understand what the hospital requires and what payment options you have.
Who is responsible for paying my bill?
The hospital will bill your insurance company directly (unless you specify otherwise), you are ultimately responsible for making certain that your bill is paid.  If a balance remains after your insurance has issued a payment or a denial, payment is due immediately upon receipt of your statement.
What other bill(s) will I receive?
In addition to your bill from the hospital, you may receive bills from other physicians who may have provided services to you. For instance, you may receive bills from consulting physicians, radiologists, or other specialists. Please contact their office directly if you have questions concerning their bills.
Why am I getting calls from Balanced Healthcare Receivables?
纽约医院 contracts with Balanced Healthcare Receivables (BHR) as a professional third party debt collection agency.  You may receive calls from them on our behalf and as our agent if your bill is delinquent and unpaid.   As a hospital vendor, BHR follows all privacy laws to protect your medical information. Their toll free number is 866-460-2471 or you can pay your bill on line at